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picture books

We were walking along singing our song!

Manawa hosted author Eric Litwin on Monday October 15th at Manawa Elementary School. Mr. Litwin is the author of the increasingly popular "Pete the Cat" books and most kids in Manawa ages 0-4 were well versed in all things Pete the Cat by the time of the big event.

"Pete the Cat" is the main character in a series of books written by Eric Litwin and illustrated by James Dean. The books are great picture books for many reasons and kids and parents everywhere have embraced the books and made them popular. The books came to the attention of Library staff two years ago when "Pete the Cat I Love My White Shoes" was published. The book became a hit at story hour and soon the book was never on the Library's shelves. The next year "Pete the Cat Rocking in My School Shoes" came along and this book featured Pete going to school and it became a perfect fit for the annual Kindergarten visits the Library has. With the help of high school students playing guitar, "I Love My School Shoes" has become a popular refrain in Manawa and beyond. The books became more and more popular and the eventual "wouldn't it be great if we could get the author to come to Manawa" discussion was had only this time we didn't stop at the discussion part. We just kept on going with this pipe dream we had and a year and a half later it came true. It's not every day that a New York Times bestselling author comes to town, but it's not every town that can make it happen either. Here is how Manawa did it. Read more »

Seasonal Differences

I am catching up on small jobs today  - tasks that need to be done but keep getting pushed aside for one or another things that come up. I'm making signs and sending out a press release about our holiday hours, I'm posting photos of our program yesterday to Facebook, I'm organizing our photos on my computer and I'm writing a long overdue blog post. While organizing the photos on my computer I came across two photos I took in June of some of the shelves in the youth section. As any user of this Library knows, the summer months are a little busy here. The beast that is the summer reading program has become a labor of love for us here. We are exhausted at the end of every day, but it is such a satisfying exhaustion. The interaction we have with area youth during these months is priceless. And the icing on the cake is that a lot of books get checked out and read. Read more »

Holiday Books Redux

Books wrapped up as gifts

It seems like just yesterday I was writing about my Christmas of one year past and how much (or how little) books figured into my Holiday. I was concerned at what I perceived as a decline in the amount of book gift giving I saw in my family and in talking about books in general. I pledged that in 2010 all of my gifts would be books and while this did not completely come to pass I did make a good faith effort to achieve this goal. And this holiday also found me discussing quite a few books with family members and friends so as the Holiday week-end came to a close I felt a contentment that was missing somewhat last year at this time. Here are the books that played a part of my holiday: Read more »